Sunday, March 25, 2012

Silver Skulls terminators update

This is all i managed to get done this week :(
Only 3 lightning claws equipped terminators....even they're not really done yet.
Which officially means that i'm already behind by one week. These guys needs to be touched up and then their 3 friends with the thunder hammers gets full attention starting tomorrow....

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Silver Skulls terminators WIP

Started on these last Monday and progress have been rather slow. But i still have 4 days to go. All should be well :)
I'm not to happy with the color/effect of the crux....maybe i'll change to some shade of metallic copper or bronze. What do u guys think?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Silver Skulls land speeder completed

Completed my first land speeder and i must say i really enjoyed building this kit. The fit was quite good and i had a lot of fun painting it up. As with my skulls drop pod, i used a lot of black into the scheme in tribute to the classic Silver Skulls rhino which i saw in a very old SM codex....don't remember which edition. 
I wanted the scheme to look really retro/old style and went with simple block of silver and black. I'll share why i choose the Silver Skulls in another post. What i didn't realise was that they have been around for a long time in 40k lore. Am really happy i decided to paint this chapter.

This being my 3rd 40K army i'm experimenting with the weathered look. No clean models for this Wildhost version. I know i could have done more with this model but i just ran out of time and steam. A secret to good weathering, i believe, is knowing  when to stop.

I still need to put some flock on the base but otherwise i'm happy with the end look . Thanks to Jeff for the assault marine shoulder pads. And Dynath for designing the Silver Skulls shoulder pads. More on that in the next post :)

Tomorrow, we change from painting vehicles to some infantry the shape of 6 mean rough tough 1st company terminators.

As always i appreciate all comments. Cheers guys :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Silver Skulls land speeder almost done

Progress pics. Just some weathering and chips for the marines i think and we should done by tomorrow.

 Primus inter pares!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Silver skulls land speeder progress

Some progress pics of my first ever land speeder.
I'm going for the multi materials look for the engines similar to those of modern fighter planes. Hope it'll come out nice after some washes and highlighting :)

3 more days to go....... should be more than enough for me to finish it.

Means its painting for me tomorrow at Legio Hobby Night.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Silver Skulls land speeder

Started on my land speeder tonite and spent most of it on masking. Its tedious work and reminded me of 3 colors camo scheme i used to do for WW2 fighter planes. In hindsight i shouldn't have assembled the whole kit to make airbrushing easier. Lesson learnt for the 2nd speeder i guess.

I used normal masking tape and tissue rolls. A tip from my aircraft modeling days. Just stuff the cockpit area with tissue until it covers all the internal area snugly. With careful airbrushing you'll manage to avoid over-spray from getting inside.
I used GW chainmail as the silver color for this vehicle. After some washing, the color will be toned downed and should fit the Skulls scheme nicely in my opinion. Didn't want to use boltgun because for large surfaces it'll make the model look dark esp after applying washes.
I painted on a layer of boltgun on the front metal bumper guard and that's all i managed tonite. The masking process really took a good portion of my limited hobby time. But i'm glad it's all done. I should be able to make better progress tomorrow nite. So stay tuned :)

Goodnite everyone.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Silver Skulls project is a GO!!!

I'm starting a Silver Skulls 1500 points army and setting myself a time frame of 10 weeks to complete it. This project actually started last Monday. My list will be :

HQ : Prognosticator (Chaplain in terminator armor)

Troops : Tactical squad A (10 men)
              Drop pod A

              Tactical squad B (10 men)
              Drop pod B

Elites : Assault terminators (6 men)

Fast Attack : Land speeder squadron (2)

Heavy Support : Devastator squad (10 men)
                          Land raider Crusader

37 infantry models and 5 vehicles (42 in total) in 10 weeks should be doable :) Let's see.

I decided to paint the first drop pod last week since i've never painted one before. And is the very same drop pod that i won from the Gameforge event hehe. I forgot to take daily progress pictures but i'll do that for next week. In the meantime, this is the my humble take on a Silver Skulls drop pod.

I've decided to build the 4th company and have green as the company color thus avoiding my unconscious preference for red :)

Nothing to shout about but one drop pod is completed and we're on schedule :)
Next up is a landspeeder....another model i've never built. Progress pics tomorrow.