Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sanguinary priest brother Heracles

Brother Heracles, the 2nd sanguinary priest in my 1750 list is finally done. This will be the last model in this list that will be in all white armor. And i must say that i've quite enjoyed the experience. With my earlier interest in a white scars army, it's nice to be able to paint some white marines for my angels sanguine force.

I had loads of fun choosing from the death company set to make these 2 priests. The set gives a lot of nice shoulder pads option that you can really go crazy over. I enjoyed giving them some extra treatment as compared to my usual 'let's get this done quickly' attitude towards painting.

My 2 priests together :)

Next up is either the vanguard vets or a assault squad...

Or maybe just a trial emperor's children....hmmmm


  1. Those figs are PIMP dude! This is turning out to be your best army yet. You're a beast!!!

  2. Awesome! Simply awesome, suay mak mak krap pi Khairul!

  3. Thanks guys. Never thought painting white would be so fun :)

  4. Nice work with white. Really difficult to do well.