Monday, June 13, 2011

Vallejo paints and airbrush highlighting

I'm officially in love with vallejo paints. Thinned it with glass cleaner and it sprayed on smoothly. Vallejo provided equivalents to GW paints and i'm very happy with the results. The drop bottle design is heaven for airbrush thinning as you can control the number of drops you use so once you get the formula right, subsequent colors are a no brainer.

For the base i used scarlett red, the equivalent of GW scab red.
This time though i decided to experiment highlighting using an airbrush so gory red was sprayed next from an above angle. This was followed by bloody red and finished with hot orange.
The secret i believe is not to make it to obvious but then again this is my first attempt at this. Hopefully the effect will be more apparent after i'm done with some washing which i'll do tomorrow.
It's not very obvious from the photo but there are slight color differences on the high edges.


  1. dabbling into pre-shading?..
    the chosen base colour is best applied on the 45 degrees tilted downwards, while the subsequent shades on 45 degrees and 60 degrees on the upwards tilt..

    you can ask Soo Jin for professional advice regarding it..

  2. Looking forward to seeing this up close :)