Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sanguinary priest brother Alexander

Finished my first of 2 sanguinary priests. As mentioned earlier, i used the death company set to make them. Just love the extra part details from that set esp the shoulder pads.

So much so that i think i spent too much time on them with nothing much to show. Also my favorite gloss mixture still haven't arrived by sea freight so the gems are dull looking for the moment.

I had fun painting this model and am quite please with the end result :)

Next up is brother Heracles.


  1. very nice bro, love the white.

  2. That is straight up badass dude!!!! One of your best models yet, without a doubt! White is crisp and clean, gem on the right knee looks perfect, and the overall composition of the model is fantastic. Keep it up!

  3. nice and clean! your painting is coming along really nicely. looking forward to see this army on the table

  4. Thanks so much guys. Am starting to get the hang of it. Only problem is i think i'm spending too much time on just one model albeit its a 'special' character model.

    Perhaps i'll be able to do it much faster once i get the process memorized.

    Thanks again for the kind words :) Truly appreciate it.