Saturday, May 7, 2011

P-38 Lightning update

1st step when building any plane kit is to complete the cockpit assembly and painting. Since this a basic kit there wasn't much detail available. Painted the pilot figure and drybrushed the interior area.

After that assemble the main body of the plane. Since i'm just doing this as a side project i won't be concerned about the bad fittings and didn't even take the time to properly fill in the gaps. Just want it mounted in mid air as a piece for my hobby table.

Just a bit of history info; before changing fighter plane designation to F (for example F-22 Raptor) the USAAF designated their fighter planes as P for Pursuit aircraft. Call me a hopeless romantic but i prefer the P.

Plane is all washed now to get rid of all dust and oil stains in preparation for priming and coloring. Waiting for it to dry then i'll airbrush it tonite when the weather's a bit cooler.

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