Thursday, October 10, 2013

Them Skravens are tight yoo = digging your own grave

Legio Malaysia is holding our second Army Throwdown event which kicked off yesterday, 8th October. This time we've made it a Warhammer Fantasy theme. For more info about this painting event please check here

I've decided to do Skaven, yes I'm an idiot but I got these models when I bought the Island of Blood box way way back in 2011. I'm not going super crazy with this project and will be using 2 IoB Skaven sets with some Stormvermins and Gutter Runners. I will have 156 models which should be doable considering we have until February 14th next year to complete it. That's 18 weeks. That's 7 models per week...Doable methinks. 

I've decided to use cork boards as my bases. Make it into a town pavement look. I'll be making these look bright greyish to contrast with the skaven which will most probably look dark, as befits their theme. I'm thinking of going with Clan Mors but haven't actually decided. It'll come when I actually start painting them.

The bases are made from mdf strips cut into regimental sizes. The cork I bought at Daisho for RM5.00 per set. You get 8 pieces per set. The bottom of the cork is sticky, which was a really nice surprise as now I don't have to glue them to the mdf. Time saved. But I did have to carefully cut the mounting tabs of all the rats. I believe its worth the effort because I will not have to go through the glue sanding and waiting to dry process. Yes, this could have all been done prior to the start of painting as per the rulespack but I've been lazy and distracted by Saga and Ronin. 

My first unit will be a core clanrats of 40 strong. 


  1. Good luck bro.

    Do you by any chance would like to paint some Plague Monks? I found 12 of them on sprue while cleaning up my stuff.

    Do note that the sprue has some components missing, but all you need to assemble the Plague Monks are still there.

  2. Yes, I would like to those plague monks if you don't mind. Thanks bro. Appreciate it

  3. goooood luck Khairul! That's.... really a huge model count...LOL

  4. Helllllz yeah! Nem Skravens is TIGHT, yo!!!!

  5. Wow ... seven models in a week. I can't even comprehend painting that many models in such a short period. Much respect for you high level painters. ^_^

  6. Thanks guys. That's the plan at least.....whether it comes true remains to be seen haha

  7. Interesting modeling ideas...