Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lord Kairugawa

This figure is from North Star Military Figures. It was a new release which was made together with Osprey's Ronin rulebook written by Craig Woodfield.
I was extremely lucky to get myself the rulebook, the Bushi Buntai and Koryu Buntai set a while back. I'll write a review later when I've played a few games but today is just about painting one of the figures.

This one is from the Bushi Buntai set. Again, I'll write a proper review of the set because the presentation and figures are really really nice. 

Some green stuff and grey resin casting and we have horns.
 I got the idea for the horns from a book I bought in Tokyo all the way back in 1996 when I was there for training.
And I really liked the red armour also from the book.
And to make sure I was able to get see all the details of the armour during painting I decided to basecoat grey followed by a thin wash of Dark Tone of the Army Painter wash.
And so Lord Kairugawa of the Tokugawa clan is ready for war.

I haven't painted the back banner yet because I'm still musing over how best to paint the Tokugawa clan crest.
If you guys have any suggestions or even know where I can get 28mm size Tokugawa transfers/decals I would be eternally thankful. 

Thanks for pooping by and appreciate any and all comments :)

Have a good week ahead.


  1. Bro ... do it freehand. I have no doubt that you have the skills for it. ^_^ Though admittedly, the amount of lines in the crest does make it difficult to transfer to 28 mm scale.

    1. Thanks for the confidence bro. 2 problems there. Number one and the biggest is that I just lazy. If there's an easier way than I'm a very happy camper :). I might try to design some round masks.
      Number two is that there will be around 9-10 models in my buntai and that's a lot of crests to paint :(

  2. Excellent work on this figure. I've got the same two Buntai actually, just finishing up the basing on the Koryu before tackling the Bushi. Nice to see what's possible with some skill and research :-)

  3. Thanks Paul :). Looking forward to seeing your's painted up. I've tried the game once and it's quite nice. Esp love that we can give our samurais some special skills as deserving of such elite warriors. Re-rolling katana hits is aces :)