Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Army Painter Warpaints

What's the best medicine to get out of a hobby rut??? Different things for different folks I guess. Fortunately for me, mine came in the form of a set of paints to test out. How totally cool is that!!

So first of all, my most sincere appreciation to Bo of The Army Painter for graciously sending me a set of their Warpaints Mega Game Set :) It's like getting an early birthday gift. This set comes with 32 colors, 3 inks and a matt varnish which they call Anti-Shine. Cool name for a varnish huh. There are also 6 brushes and the best item in the box for me....the Wargamers Army Painting Guide.

I consider myself relatively new in the miniatures wargamming hobby (less than 5 years) and this painting booklet would have been a great help when I first started. 

I'm so impressed with how easy they've demonstrated on how to paint up a model that I've decided to paint one up following their recommended steps and of course using just things from this box set. This is what I'll paint up. The really nice D&D Purple Worm resin model from Gale force 9.

The Army Painter 4 steps are :

1. Spray - basically this is the priming stage;

2. Basecoat with Warpaints;

3. Quickshade; and finally

4. Anti-shine.

This is where I'm at so far. 

Clearly still a lot to do so stay tuned :) Cheers all