Thursday, May 9, 2013

Purple Worm completed

And this is how my Purple Worm turned out. All paints used were from the Army Painter Mega Set I mentioned in my last post.
This was how the worm looked like after completing the basecoat.
I didn't have the Army Painter Quickshade so I used the Quickshade inks available in the Mega paint set. I  used all 3 tones provided for different parts of the worm. This is how it turned out.
And after a reasonable amount of basic drybrushing...
My acid test for something is rather simple...kinda ..would I buy it again? Would I use it again? Would I watch a movie or series again? etc
So for the Army Painter paints, my personal opinion is Yes, I would get and use it again. In fact, I'll use it for my Skaven project later this year.

My most sincerest thanks to Bo of Army Painter for hooking me up with the Mega Paint Set. Truly appreciate it. Hope your venture grows and continue to grow :)

Thanks all for tuning in. Cheers.


  1. The worm looks very nice seeing that only simple steps are involved. Put the Millennium Falcon next to it and you have a diorama. =)

  2. Thanks guys :). Appreciate it.