Monday, May 21, 2012

Dust Axis Medium Walker 'Ludwig'

Bad lines tonight so am just gonna update with these pics.  More tomorrow.


  1. Nice work, man.
    I have ordered my box of Dust Warfare and will be starting to play in on-board with a pal of mine here.

  2. NICE... i like.Those guns look nasty

  3. Thanks guys. It's a very nice change from painting 40k, which i must admit i'm feeling a burnout of it at the moment.
    So expect to see more Dust and FoW stuffs over the next few months.

    Doc- how are you coming along at getting the core set? You're taking germans i presume.

  4. Donno yet. I will be using the whole box set here on-board to play and learn the game. I have a friend here who is willing to learn these table top games. I think I will use them both first then sell one off later.