Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dust Axis aircraft Der Blitz

Nothing stokes the painting fires more than a competition. Especially a friendly competition with just bragging rights as the main prize. And in this case, gives me a great excuse to rekindle my first joy of hobbying...building and painting model aircraft.

Dust+painting competition+aircraft = I'm definitely in!!!

For more information about this event please click on the link below. It's being run by Patrick and the guys of Dust Tactics and Warfare Group.
All those who are interested in Dust Tactics and/or Warfare should join the fun :)

 This will be my entry for this competition, the Axis aircraft Der Blitz. Paint scheme will be revealed later, this is a competition after all :)

This is a really nice kit. It comes almost fully assembled. You just need to snap fit a few parts like weapon options and such. It's also painted in a dark grey primer textured paint so that's good.

The kit comes supplied with 3 variant cards and all 3 are impressive paint schemes but if I'm going to win this then it's got to be something extra special methinks.

Also I want the aircraft to be in full flight mode and think that the retractable rear skids doesn't look to aerodynamic fully extended.
 So some chop chop work was needed. Let's hope it looks nice when done.

Next order of business was to re-prime the model. The original dark grey is too dark for my liking and would make the final color scheme I have in mind darker. I used Vallejo grey primer for this.

I had to airbrush several layers on the top wing to get rid of the Luftwaffe cross.

Tune in next time for more progress.


  1. That's a cool looking model. Looking forward to seeing the finished paint job.

  2. The paint job is MONSTER dude!!! I've seen it in person... PICS!!!!