Monday, November 5, 2012

Legio Malaysia Iron Painter 2012

Entered and completed my first ever Iron Painter event over the weekend. I must say that it wasn't even close to what i expected. Pictured above are all the participants who braved and conquered the 24 hours painting duration.

Legio Malaysia organized this event which was run during Magacon 2012 over at Publika Solaris Mall, Dutamas KL. The proper event started at 10am on Saturday, 3rd November and ended at 10am Sunday, 4th November.
This was what i decided to paint. A Blackhorse mechanised company from the Flames of War : Vietnam range. I knew from the start i wanted to get as many helis in my list of minimum 30 models as I figured they would be the main attraction of the army once it's all painted up. Hopefully, they would be impressive enough to garner we the votes. Foc meant I could only take 8 helis.
My final list had 12 M113 ACAV, 6 Sheridans, 4 Pattons, 4 Huey Slicks, 2 Hogs and 2 Cobras. 30 models on the dot.

This was how it turned out after it was finished. In all minus sleep time of around 2.5 hours and time spent getting food and walking around, I think I spent a solid 20 hours of painting.

These were the other armies painted by my fellow iron painters; pictures courtesy of Shukur :)
British Welsh Guards by Jeff Brooks
Soviet tankovy by Abdul Shukur
Iron Warriors (with actual Iron Warriors CSM) by Alvin Khaw
Nurgle force by Iqbal 
Khorne berserkers by Joshua 
Orks hunting party by Janice
For my efforts of deprived sleep, sore shoulders, tired eyes, groggy mind etc I was awarded with this by voting from the event's visitors.

My first ever Legio Purity Seal :) !!!  Makes it all worth the effort.
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those who voted for my army.

Congratulations to Jeff, Shukur, Joshua, Iqbal, Alvin and Janice who completed their armies. Had a blast hanging out with you guys for those 24+ hours.

Cheers everyone.