Saturday, February 16, 2013

Imperial Fist Contemptor Dreadnought

Finally got this contemptor dread done last Thursday and I must admit this is my favorite model I've painted so far :). I'm really happy with the pose that I chose as it shows off the contemptor's fleet USR.
I knew from the start that I wanted a dynamic pose and after doing some research online I stumbled upon GreatGunz and immediately feel in love with how he did his contemptor. Check out his beautifully painted Ultramarine contemptor here;
I like how the dread looks imposing moving forward. I made some tweaks to mine by having the dread be a bit more upright and have the left hand with the heavy flamer pointing forward. All credit to the warmaster for the pose idea.
And for added effect, I added some flames :) 
Another hensem guy who deserves credit for helping me with this project is my good friend Rizal who helped me with the bases. The simplicity with how he manages them is mind boggling to me....coz I'm just lazy haha. Thanks bro for the help. You da man!!!

And for my efforts, the contemptor managed to bag second placing in our Throwdown last night :). Icing on the cake for a project I thoroughly enjoyed doing.

It's been awhile since I've truly enjoyed painting up and model and this is one of those that didn't feel like a chore or project I had to get done. So much so that I think I might build another one. My brother did mention that he'll give me his to paint up...well, if he doesn't insist that I paint it up in "grey knight" or death guard scheme, I might take him up on that offer :). Thanks bro.
 Thanks for tuning in. Cheers everyone.