Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pre heresy Imperial Fist Legion Breacher Siege Squad uncompleted

I know it's cliche but  the saying goes 'if you fail to plan then you plan to fail'. And that's what I did with this squad. Underestimated the time it would take to make my own boarding shield and reposition the hand holding the shield. This was further compounded in me not being able to make full use of the long weekend just last week. Excuses, excuses I know. Resulting in yours truly will be failing to present this squad at this week's second Legio throwdown.
And since this squad won't make it on time and the mood to paint them up has withered....into the box of doom they go. Hopefully I'll find the motivation to paint them up someday but it's highly unlikely. I'll have moved on to newer projects by then :). Painter's fickleness and all.

My best to all the other throwdown participants and look forward to seeing their work this hobby night. All the best everyone!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pre Heresy Imperial Fist Legion Tactical Squad completed

Managed to get these guys done in time for the 1st Legio Malaysia Army Throwdown which was held last Friday 18th. There were 11 others who managed to get their first troops choice done and I must say it was really nice to see a good turnout for the first throwdown. 11 beautifully painted troop choices. I'm happy to announce that this squad pulled it through for me and got voted as best painted for the night :). That's one notch for the Wildhost's Fists!! For the emperor and dorn!!!

I was having trouble figuring out how to put the 7th legion markings on the right shoulder pads. I wanted to have roman numerals of VII but the GW decals were impossible to put on and wasn't the correct size. I tried having '7' but its just didn't look nice. Until during a discussion with Jeff, he suggested using Sigismund's Black Templar cross to denote that they were from the 1st Chapter....brilliant idea!! I had already decided that Sigismund would the the preator for this army build so it just fits with the fluff.

Here's the sergeant with the templar cross on his right shoulder pads. I painted the inside half white and half yellow to denote him as the sergeant. Of course the red plumes also helps to easily identify him.
Am quite happy with how the sergeant model turned out. Nothing super special but he looks the part.
The worst looking fist of all haha. My heartiest thank yous and appreciation to everyone who voted for my Imperial Fists. You guys are the best. Onwards to the next throwdown!! 

Breacher squad upfront and center!!! Death to the traitors!!!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pre Heresy Imperial Fist Update

Some WIP pictures of my 30K army for the Legio Malaysia Army Throwdown. The first Throwdown which takes place this Friday 18th will be troops choice so I'll be unveiling my first squad of 10 marines in MkII armor lead by a sergeant in MkIII count as artificier armor.
These are the 5 marines which have been fully painted minus a last spray of matt varnish to take out the shine from some of the oil paints i used as washes. 

All the left shoulder pads of my marines will have the fist symbol. These were made from press molded green stuff. Only reason I did this was because I couldn't get the gw  fist decals to set nicely on the curved pads. I tried and failed and decided to give green stuff a go. I'm quite happy with how it turned out. 
This is my sergeant. Of course he's not done yet. Need to paint his claws and do some add a few more things to make him stand out from the others.
Symbol that all my marines will have on their right shoulder pads. Again made from green stuff pressed into a mold. More details in future post.
Thanks for tuning in :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Jagdtiger and Archer tank

Gonna try something new this year. Actually have been thinking about this last year but just never got to doing it. My first resolution of 2013 is to improve my photo taking skills. Enrollment in classes will be my first priority...failing which I'll go with youtube tutorials and getting some instructional dvds.

I also want to have a nicer background as compared to my usual white background. As much as I believe a white background gives the model more attention but having nice scenery does make for a good pic. And so I present to you my first attempt. Your comments are most welcomed as always :).

Unfortunately for me, I don't have the Nuts book yet so not sure on the stats for these nice tanks. Yeah I know....I could just get them from the Battlefront website but I'm lazy. Plus this post is just about the pics.

So what do you think?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Legio Malaysia's Golden Kris 2013

Feast yer eyes on this year's Golden Kris trophy!!

To commemorate Legio Malaysia's 5th anniversary my fellow Legio Officers and I decided that we wanted to have a special sculpt for all Golden Kris winner during this year's Birthday Bash. So we hired sculptor extraordinaire, Mr. Jarold Ng to make us a trophy to die for. And this is what he came up with. Super cool don't you agree :).

There will be 4 categories this year so that means there are 12 of these bad boys to give away; gold, silver and bronze in colors.
Of course, us Legio officers aren't allowed to complete in this year's Golden Kris for obvious reasons....sniff sniff sob soooobbbbbbb.....not saying I have a chance of winning it but even the bronze one would look really awesome on my work table.
I've held the real thing in my hands and i reaaaaaaalllllllyyyyyy reaaallllyyyyy want one!!!!!!

Come drop by the next hobby night if you want to feel how heavy it is and more it fits snuggly and comfortably in your if it was always meant to preciousssssssssss.

Those who want one for keeps better start painting now. Judging this year will be extremely extreme so make sure you bring your very bestest.

My sincere thanks to Jeff, Alvin and Azlan for chipping in to get us this super handsome trophy.

Ave Legio!!!!