Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Pre-Heresy Imperial Fist

Test model for my pre-heresy project early next year. Really love the MkIII model especially the helmet.I wanted to keep the model...sombre, grim dark so I just left the eyes black. Does it work?
Incidently, this is also my first ever forgeworld model. Yeah, can you believe that...I started playing 40k in early 2009 and this is my first ever FW model. I must say they're crisp and nice :). 
I'm none to happy with the white VII decal I used to mark the legion number. Would've preferred it to be black but only white was available on the generic marine decal sheet. Could've painted on top of the decal black but I don't trust my skills not to botch it. I'll have to figure another way to do it. Perhaps make some masking. Or just paint the pads black with white markings.
Am happy with my attempt. The nice base is courtesy of my good work colleague Mr. Rizal. Thanks for the help bro. Appreciate it. Your bases are so much better than my previous attempts :).

Last pic to share is size comparison between the FW and AoBR marine. 
Can't believe how ...degenerative the space marine gene seeds have become since the pre-heresy days ;).

Thanks for reading guys. Your sincere comments are most appreciated as always :)