Saturday, February 26, 2011

Epistolary Perseus

This is among the coolest looking model in the GW range in my opinion. When I first saw it in the BA codex I knew I had to get it one day. And since GW doesn’t have any nice looking librarian model that i like, esp one equipped with a jump pack, I decided to use this for one of my librarian HQ.

Unfortunately, the skull helm is special to the chaplain order so that was the first that had to go. I tried making a librarian psychic hood using an idea from the net by using SM shoulder pads but I failed miserably. The hood was large and wasn’t proportionate to the armor. And I wanted my librarian to look sleek and not top heavy like some evil mastermind marvel comic character.

In the end I used one of the head from the death company box set. This head had a sorta head band thingy which I painted silver to represent the hood. My librarian is so powerful he doesn’t need some clumsy contraption to help him use the power of the warp :)

2nd to go was the crozius, another chaplain specific weapon. This was easier to cut off and change with a sword from…..from……I forgot. I tried using the technique shown on Awesomepaintjob and am moderately happy with the result. Need more practice to get the effect. Special thanks to Mr. Les Bursley for sharing the technique. Thanks to Jeff for sharing the vid tutorial with me (dude; have you tried this technique? How's your result?). For those who haven’t seen it, please click here. It uses an airbrush to achieve the effect so it’s not for everyone. But I will say that it’s super easy to achieve and doesn’t involve hours of oil painting mixing and layering to achieve.

I painted the shoulder pad border blue to give it some attachment to the librarian order. I had initially wanted to paint the helm blue but for BA, blue helms are devastator squads. So I painted the helm ultra clean white to give it tabletop presence as the army HQ.

Didn’t paint the skull on the right shoulder pad as this would make it recognizable as Lemartes. Looking back at the model I think there’s not enough blue to make him easily recognizable as a librarian. What do you think? Perhaps I should paint the whole right shoulder pad blue??

Next up, the Honor Guards.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Squad Odysseus

I’ve complete Squad Odysseus. These were my test models for my Angels Sanguinus (AG) army.

I admit that I was never a huge fan of 2 colors split down the middle scheme. To me it just looks childish and didn’t think a proper SM chapter would choose that as their color scheme. I know I wouldn’t wear such an amour. Hence the reason I’m not a SM although I have the looks to be one ;)

That was until I saw the AG sergeant model with the twin lightning claws. I had decided then that I wanted to build a BA force but didn’t want a generic BA. After seeing that Sgt model in the BA codex I was hooked.

When I read the little fluff that was given it just cemented my decision. Apparently, the AG never takes off their helmet in public. They only do that in the privacy of their monastery. How awesome is that for me!!!! Coz I totally suck at painting faces hehehe. Thank you GW. U just made my life easier.

Another very important decision criterion was that so far there is no AG army that I know of in our gaming community. This is actually the most vital criteria. If someone had already built and played an AG army then I would definitely choose another. The Knights or Lamenters perhaps.

Flesh tearer was out of the question coz Jeff the Forgemaster already has that and who in the right mind would want to be benchmarked against his work :P

I hope u enjoy the pictures and I would leave you with a question to ponder.

How important is it to you that you build a unique army?One that nobody currently has.

ps : apologies the quality of the pics are sub-standard. I need to learn how to take good pic :(

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Brother Sargeant Odysseus completed

Gentlemen, please allow me to proudly introduce Brother Sargeant Odysseus of the Angels Sanguine.

So the secret is out now. I’m doing an Angels Sanguine army. I hope this encourages all those who are having secrets projects to come out into the open.

This was my first test model for my 1750 list. I wanted to have a dynamic pose which showed the angels in flight using their JPs. Placing both hands at the back and positioning the head in front of both feet achieved this look nicely I think. I initially thought of using wire or clear plastic to simulate them actually flying through the air but the results weren’t that nice.

So I ended having him step on a piece of terrain to show some height. Maybe I’ll try again for the next squad.

I think it captures the moment of when the angels are trying to be as aerodynamic as possible when preparing to touchdown and start the attack.

All of the squad members will share a similar pose/theme. I’ll post them later.

In the meantime, I truly appreciate your comments.

For Sanguinus and the Emperor!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Brother Sargeant Odysses WIP

I've finally decided on a SM chapter. And this was the first test model.

I'll show the completed model in the next post.

In the meantime, how do u guys like the pose :)

Can u guess which marine chapter?

Friday, February 11, 2011

My new bases

If there’s one thing I've learnt from painting my Saim-hann and Lizardmen army , it’s that using sand for basing is a tedious job. It was even worse for the lizardmen since the model count was a lot more compared to Saim-Hann.

Allow me to demonstrate.

  1. Mix water to PVA glue
  2. Brush glue to base
  3. Dip in sand
  4. Shake off excessive sand
  5. Wait for sand to dry
  6. Paint prime color to the sand
  7. Wash sand with darker color or black
  8. Wait for wash to dry
  9. 1st color drybrush
  10. 2nd color drybrush
  11. Final color light drybrush.

11 steps multiplied by the number of models u have. Plus the waiting time for the glue to dry and then the wash color to dry. Too much messy work and hassle for my liking.

So for my space marine and future projects I will use a simpler method. Ok ok, I admit I’m a lazy bum.

Materials used:

1. Textured plastic sheet - i don't know the real name for it but you can buy it at most arts material shop. This one i bought in Shah Alam for around $12.00. A3 size.They're usually used by architect students to make their model houses and buildings. They come in many texture so just get the one you like best.

2. Plastic tube you get when buying brushes.

3. The smallest nut i could find.

The new process.

  1. Cut plastic sheet in desired base size.
  2. Glue cut sheet to base
  3. Superglue nut to base
  4. Glue plastic tube to base.
  5. Paint black
  6. Drybrush copper
  7. Drbrush boltgun metal
  8. Light drybrush silver.

Yes, it’s only 3 steps less that the sand method but there is no hassle and mess from handling pvc glue and sand. Step 2 to 4 is super easy. Plus there’s no waiting for glue and washes to dry. In short, it’s a whole lot simpler. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get the grainy natural earth look. I’m ok with this coz I’m sure I can think of something for my next fantasy army which doesn’t require using sand.

The final look of an industrial area is not to bad in my opinion. The best part is that it didn’t take long to make. Please have a look. I appreciate your comments guys :)

Thanks for your time.

Monday, February 7, 2011

2.5 K Lizardmen army completed

As per revised schedule, I’ve managed to complete painting my temple guards unit and so now I have a fully painted 2500 points lizardmen army. Huzzah!!!!

I even managed to get a game in against Khun Faizal over the weekend J. First win for the fully painted lizardmen ! Double Huzzah!!!

I admit that there are still minor things that I need to touch up, which I will be doing over the coming months but the important things is that this list is fully painted to tabletop standards. It’s not as nicely painted as my saim-hann but it serves the purpose well.

This will be my only second fully painted army. It’s a huge relief that I have finally managed to complete it. Nice feeling to have when you can see them all on the table fully painted and raring to go. It’s like putting that final piece in a 1750 piece jigsaw puzzle.

I bought this army around middle 2009 and only managed to get it done in Feb 2011. Nothing to be proud of and I hope I won’t be making this mistake again. So no more buying until I complete my next project.

2nd resolution is the organizing on K2 which is going well so far.

Just a reminder, guys please confirm your participation by paying your fees to Arzmi if you want that cool K2 t-shirt J.

3rd resolution starts tonite!! My 1750 space marine force. My initial target was to get it done by 31st May but now it’s going to be pushed forward to 15th May so that I can enter it for Sporecon which is scheduled to on 28th and 29th May.

I have my list, have all the models I need for the list, completed painting one squad as a test unit and quite happy with the result. So now I need to put the effort into it and finish it.

I’ll post the test unit next week. No more secrets for me this time around guysJ. I’ve created a monster trend of building armies in total secrecy and it seems like there are so many secret armies in progress at the moment. Esp true for K2. Everyone is so hush hush about their projects!!

So I’ll try to rectify this trend that I’ve created by sharing with you guys my progress for this army. Or…..perhaps I should still do it in secret…..hhmmmmmm.

Let’s see………………………..